Friday, November 21, 2008

Hold On

I'm feeling something different.
In this life I've gone through stages where I don't feel the Lord's presence.
Or maybe I do feel, but I am not aware.
The coolest thing is to feel His presence.
To quiet myself. Look inside.. there He is. He dwells inside.
He is more near than I think. He is more interested than I think.
He is more determined than I think. He desires to constantly be near.
But too often I get so caught up in the mess of my human independence.
Thinking that I am strong enough. I can do this on my own.
When deep down inside my true heart longs for is a constant companion.
Someone to sit down with and share my heart who feels compassion and cares.
I was reading this morning Romans 8.

Hope that is seen is no hope at all.
Why do we hope for something we already have?
The things we do not have and that we hope for, we wait for them patiently.

Later on in the chapter Paul talks about how we are MORE than conquers in Christ.

I am more than a conqueror in Christ because He loves me. There is not one thing
that can separate me from His love and His presence. Paul starts giving examples such as death nor life, nor angels or demons can separate us from His love. But the biggest thing that stood out to me was "neither the present nor the future" can separate us from His love.

Nearness is all I am waiting for.
Just like the watchmen wait for dawn.
I will wait Lord.