Saturday, March 3, 2012

Record Deal

Hellooooo Saturday! Oh how i've waited for this lovely day to come! I find precious moments usually happen for us on Saturday mornings :) My favorite one so far this morning was when Trev decided to bring coffee to me in bed! But to our surprise, before we could even take a sip, we sat down our cups on the nightstand and all of a sudden the whole nightstand came plummeting down, and coffee went flying everywhere! All over the bed, the long white curtains draped over our window, and all over our lovely carpet. Naturally we went running for the Shout, and thank the Lord after being thrown into the wash right away, we now have clean carpet, white sheets and drapes again. Id say that was a precious moment with a whole new twist!

Now to the records! At the lovely Attic ( the sweetest thrift shop ever ) they had tons and tons of records for $0.25 each! When on a budget, these vintage record covers make for an awesome wall mural! I picked a few out that spoke to my taste, used small thin nails to pin them up, and went my merry way arranging! The end result was better than what I expected, and to think it all only cost $4.25!

Have a beautiful Saturday!