Friday, July 2, 2010


here it goes....

Father you are good. I know you are. I just know it. But I have never felt darkness so tangible in my life till this season.
But just as close as I feel darkness, I feel you closer... I do. I believe I do.

I can only hope for great things to come walking with You through this time.
I see everything that hinders me from you, fall off as I take each step towards you.
How can I disregard that?

It's a huge deal Jesus.

Your blessings come in disguise. Your ways are mysterious.

There are days when I feel I want to scream WHERE ARE YOU GOD!?!?

But then I open my eyes, and I see you... everywhere.

How can I doubt you Jesus? Easily i've noticed. Every time I give one ounce of faith to fear, or power to my insecurities, my knees give out from under me. I find myself powerless on the ground, lost. But it is when I am on my knees, I find myself at your feet, asking you, pleading you for grace, and strength to get back up. GET BACK UP! Jesus with you on my side, nothing can harm me. Nothing can conquer me.

How beautiful that I desperately need you Jesus!! May that be the anthem of my heart in both the good and trying times!

Apart from YOU I have no good thing!

Through pain, love has overwhelmed my soul! Love for you Jesus! Love for your will, your precepts, and your word!

I wait. I wait father. May your glory be revealed. This is my cry...