Tuesday, August 18, 2009

brazos de amor

we are a generation that is craving for love.
love is the essence of who we are.
we were created by love.
we were created in love.
we were created TO LOVE.
being created to love is a beautiful yet difficult truth. there are those that are easy to love. then there are those that are a little tougher around the edges. our father said to LOVE our enemies. in Luke chapter 6 he explains it is no credit to us when we love those who love us. even sinners love those who love them. it means nothing to do good to those who do good to us. we are to do good to our enemies! we are to LOVE our enemies. we are to love those who reject us. we are to love those who strike us on one cheek, then turn to him the other. we are to love those who curse us, misunderstand us, hate us, decieve us, abuse us, lie to us, take from us, judge us, etc. the father promises our reward will be great. I believe there to be many rewards for those who CHOOSE to love. rewards in our character. rewards in our relationships with people. rewards with the Lord. rewards in our life to come in heaven. I want to love those who hate me. I want to have arms of love for those who reject me. reality is I AM deeply loved by the one who CREATED ME TO LOVE. its an upside down world for us who choose to follow the words of Jesus.

"brazos de amor" means arms of love.

love her/him today.