Wednesday, June 17, 2009

life unseen

My alarm woke me up at 6 this morning. Ofcoarse I was midway through a dream, I quickly pressed snooze and fell back asleep. I always dream something very significant, but I can't remember anything. I am left with that haunting feeling. Something was trying to speak to me, but about what? I prayed this morning. God let me dream again, show me what "it" meant. I start growth group today. Typical, we are reading a book. In the midst of the title of this book, the word "thighs" is present. Typical. Just from that word it is obvious what will entail in our conversations. It is a humbling thing to realize as woman we are so prone to deception. The culture we live in today demands a size 0-size2 to be the standard to which we compare our thighs to. I know I compare all the time.
Geez. This should be good.

I work in an office with 9 other people . I am in here now preparing for a shoot I will be doing this afternoon with a few precious ones who will bare there hearts on camera for a promo I am making for a school called School of Biblical Foundations and Missions. I love video. I love photography. I love anything of that nature. My constant hope is to become more and more skilled in this area. I want to use it for a greater purpose. I want to effect this world in some way. Only papa knows.

I miss fall leaves.

all my love.