Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Letter H

I have seen so many ways to make letter emblems, so I went ahead and made one for our lovely sleeping courters! I had some extra fabric from our local thrift store, and some Elmer's fabric glue to get the job done. With a nicely cut letter H, it makes for a beautiful framed emblem! Great project for a Saturday:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

precious finds

Today was a beautiful day here in Glendive :) I just had to get out and walk around the nostalgic town. Of coarse I stopped at the infamous Attic (local thrift store) and found these precious items. a. Two lovely books, 25 cents each! They make for a great vintage look when stacked on a table or shelf. b. A lovely sunflower mug, 25 cents. Great for a spring morning coffee. c. Daisy Yellow mug 25 cents. There is something rewarding about finding things that speak to you, and express who you are. I feel these precious finds do just that :) Love on someone today :)

xoxo ria