Friday, June 3, 2011

so it begins again

She's baaaack! It's been a while since i've blogged; a month shy of a year! Blogging has become quite the trendy hobby i'd say. Not to mention, twitter has blown up and made it's way to almost every phone and computer! I'm making it a point to blog. Here are my top 10 reasons why:
1. It's easy. 2. It allows for creativity. 3. brings people up to date. 4. something to do. 5. helps typing skills. 6. gives ideas. 7. saves paper. 8. saving paper, helps the earth. 9. it's cool. 10. it's for everyone! (sigh) God is constantly working on hearts. I am learning it is the one thing He is after! Home is still Maui, and nothing gets old living here. I invite you to peer into my life as I share! So it begins again...