Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A blessing in disguise


A blessing in disguise.
we were destined to fail from the start. Thanks to papa Jesus, we see victory painted all over the cross, smeared in failures face. Jesus knew what we were destined for. He showed up and replaced death for life. Replaced the old for new. Signed Victory on failures dotted line. I am learning it is far to easy to allow my human failures pave my path towards the future glory that is to be revealed. Jesus is the way the truth the life. He is the light to my dusty rugged path I trail on. He places my feet on level, steady ground. Failure tries to come and distract me and get in the way. It tries to lie in my face, and become a heavy dark shadow over the light that is within me, But if it wasn't for failure, the reality and truth of the victory I have in Christ would become stale and tasteless. Failure is a blessing. we fail to have victory in Christ. we fail to learn what is right. we fail so victory tastes like a 3 course meal of defeat. we fail to see Christ's spirit to be alive in us.